2017 brings new footwear with updates that are now becoming industry standards. With much of the industry now incorporating BOA Closures in their footwear, Shimano unveiled not one but two options in 2017. The RC7 is the high-performance, price conscious, little brother to the S-phyre model.

With a different upper and closure system, the RC7 utilizes a synthetic leather that regulates temperatures with large mesh panels, while holding the foot securely in place. The volume of the upper provides accommodating space for a high arch and custom footbed. The materials transfer the pressure from the Powerwire and Velcro hook and loop system. You are able to set the shoe similar to a triathlon setup. Adjust the toe strap to preference and leave it. The majority of the time the BOA system is being adjusted.

My criticism of the upper is the material causes the foot to wash around with lateral pressure. The lack of structure in when rotating the foot causes extra float when trying to clip out. In addition, this material is not for the vain. Easily scuffed this material will tarnish quickly with contact to ground and tires during use.

The stiffness of the outsole is on par with performance standards. Carbon outsole holds rigidity under power and does not cause any hotspots under the foot. With a similar geometry to the TR9 tri shoe, I naturally found this shoe fit ideal to match the shape of my wide forefoot and narrow heel.

Overall the weight of the shoe at a size 46 is much more noticeably lighter than previous models I’ve purchased. The stiffness to weight ratio is a key point of interest for a shoe in this price point. While comparing it with a couple different options in the range the RC7 provides key performance, fit, and design features to let me enjoy this model for the rest of 2017.