Ride or Run during the fall and winter a base layer makes the entire training session bearable. Maintaining your core temperature will help aid in circulation and prevent the excruciating numb feet and hands.

The Craft Zero Extreme is constructed to keep you warm in the large surface area of your torso and regulate temperature with mesh vented panel under the arms and across the upper shoulders.

This feather-light material allows you to stay cool and not maintain your temperature during workouts. Especially on the bike when you tend to layer and overheat with too thick of a mid-layer. Definitely designed for the “wire-y” endurance athlete the form fitting material provides a snug close to body fit to help the polypropylene channels wick the moisture off the skin.

The thinner material held up well to moisture management even after the workout when trying to cool down but not let body temperature drop too quickly. During a long training run when the temps got into 50-degree mark, the piece started getting saturated from the condition. This piece is ideal for 30-40’s with a good softshell or mid layer.

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