Epson Runsense SF-810 GPS

Let’s face it, in most run specialty stores you have Garmin, Polar fighting for the top shelf and encyclopedia else hoping for space. This was my biggest surprise. Epson a division of Seiko released GPS watch in 2015. I used this watch for all my run workouts in 2016.

The watch has a simple press-and-go interface. GPS signal acquisition and chrono start is a 1 button operation. The additional setting can be adapted with a smartphone app to personalize your interface and locate signal faster. Simple Interval settings and an incredibly accurate GPS are my favorite features. The optical Heart Rate tends to loose connection and miss readings in the reports, but it gets the general range when giving it a quick glance during efforts.

The Epson Run Connect app is soft around the edges but gets the job done. It allows you to view and store all your workout information and update your watch display settings. The upload is Bluetooth enabled, though much slower than the competition (3-4 min). I use that time to stretch or cool down after a workout.

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