Going into my first ultra of the season I was looking to try a few new hydration/nutrition products out. This was on my top of the list as many users reported not having to use anything else (gels, chews) on longer outings. I always enjoy prepping my nutrition before a long race and excited to see what I can use to help me perform on the day. Tailwind labels itself as a complete system for calories/hydration/electrolytes so no need for any other fuel which saves on having to carry other products.

Tailwind comes in 7 single pack flavors and comes in 4 flavors and 3 caffeinated flavors for the 50 serving bag. I opted to try the Tropical with caffeine on race day for the extra boost.I used one full pack in a 20oz bottle which was the perfect amount for the distance I had that day.

The taste was tame and not too sweet which I liked as it also didn’t leave a sugary residue in my mouth or lips.The tropical flavor did have a medicine taste for me, not bad at all but not the best tasting drink. In conclusion, I will say it did its job in keeping me hydrated and fueled and the caffeine was nice to have. I plan on using this in the future and looking forward to trying a few other flavors out.

Tried second flavor-Berry! Much better tasting. Taste like a liquid version of smarties candies.

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