Kogel Bearings Badass Bottom Brackets

The search for “free speed” can be achieved by increasing power transfer and reducing friction. Whether it is aerodynamics or mechanical, the drag equates to friction and will add up to a couple watts per kilometer. This value can go a long way over many K’s of riding.

Consider this, similar to riding up an incline each pedal stroke is overcoming the force of gravity plus mass to move you up the slope. The more resistance your drivetrain is forced into overcoming the greater the dissipation of energy being lost pushing the bike forward. That’s why we find it easier to ride on flat or down hill.

Loss of Power

Coming from the school of thought that noise on the bike is the result of unwanted friction. Creeks, squeaks, and grinding are the outcome of wasted energy. A good drivetrain system should reduce the noise and maintain a low maintenance ability to sustain this through the products life. If you can keep the weight of the bike down and reduce the amount of energy it takes to propel yourself forward at faster speeds you are now able to go faster and longer with the same energy as before!

Kogel Jockey Wheels

Installation of the Aluminum pulley wheels is very straight forward, the wheels will fit into your factory cages. The aluminum body is has held up to the grit and grime of build up from chain gunk. I found that a weekly bike wash kept the status of the jockey’s much cleaner. The drilled out body provides less surface area for road crud to build up in addition to saving a few grams on its rotational weight.

Kogel Bottom Bracket

Kogel offers a range of Bottom Brackets based on your frame crank selection. All of the units are designed to fit and specific to road, cross, or MTB framesets. Both bikes are setup on a PF 30-24 with Ultegra cranks. Previously using adapters to fit the frames drop the setup weight by having a sized to fit option. The sealed ceramic bearing cartridges are cupped fitted exactly to specification.

Maintenance is very straight forward with the aluminum body sealed ceramic bearing systems, clean off the excessive build up from the body of the casing. every 20-30 days clean covers. Because they are sealed bearing you can have your mechanic repack the grease once a season. This provided a like new feel after treatment.

Wear and Tear

I’ve spent the past season on two bikes with Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket and Pulleys. Focus Mares CX and Felt FC to test out the durability and efficiency of the Kogel System. Not focusing too much on the nitty gritty analytics I mostly paid attention to how the drive train responded to wear and tear of training and racing through the past 4 months

When combining the pulley’s and bottom bracket with a clean properly lubricated chain the turnover on the pedals is noticeably reduced in friction. Seeing the crank spin at a higher rate with less force provides a mental incentive that power transfer is now resulting in more output on the wheels. which means you can apply the same power as before and yield a better output.


You can build out a BB pulley system to fit your bike for under $300. Consider the efficiency and reduction of maintenance you are adding to your machine for the value. In comparison to purchasing a wheelset or other drive train components. Be sure to check out their website to fit the frame and components system you have outfitted on your bike at Kogel Bearings