This 12oz 2.5 layer Gortex Shell turned into my all season jacket after purchasing this for an early spring ski trip.

Up on the mountain, during a week long ski trip I faced a couple different days of weather conditions. The early season on the front range through two days of heavy powder, four days of sub twenty degree days, and one epic sunny day.

I paired this shell with a Craft baselayer, Patagonia Thermal pullover, and Salomon Softshell jacket. The Quasar held up to the weather patterns by keeping my core layers dry and ventilated throughout the day. Minus the occasional powder drift up the backside, adjustable wrist, and hood kept me insulated with no complaints with staying dry on the slopes.

Late summer I found the Quasars breathability and waterproof shell during a South Texas Monsoon. During a multisport event, I was in the elements for 10hr day of heavy rain. The main zipper did not leak and the shell kept my core dry. I was able to work without any damage to the material from the abrasion of barricades, fencing, and bike racks.

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