I was never entirely sold on the sugary syrup tasting sports mixes that are in the market. After several seasons of mimicking Bowerman and producing my own Frankenstein sports drinks. I came across SOS after a workout with the Boulder Track Club.


Closer to the taste of Pedialyte the mix is very high in the big three of electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium. The drink has a taste that I found a liking to because I did not feel like I was simply pouring more sugar in my system. The saltier more balance fruit taste washed down quickly without leaving any lingering residue.

The science provides the mixed fluids the ability to quickly absorb into the stomach and bloodstream and begin rehydration at a much faster rate than a calorically high sports drink. I could eat my calories and drink my fluids during workouts.

The mix really began to help during the hotter summer months of South Texas during Triathlon season. Many times I used the mix in post workout smoothies or popsicles to cool down and hydrate.

*Full Disclaimer, I first tried the product during a workout with Boulder Track Club and really liked the product. I was provided the opportunity to become a sales rep for several months. (I still act as an ambassador)