State Wheels 23 ALU

Let’s Talk Wheels!

During my early racing days in Triathlon, someone once told me “…a good pair of wheels can give you free speed, and bad ones will end your day.” Pretty sage advice, right?

Many athletes believe that if you throw some deep section wheels on any bike you immediately go from amateur to Pro. Unfortunately, most of the capabilities of wheels come from testing at 40KPH or greater to improve efficiency. If you’re not in that ballpark then let’s discuss some key feature that will make your riding more enjoyable.

Purchasing a new set of wheels needs to meet standard practical criteria for riders.

Price is equal to Quality & Durability is worth the Price

State Wheels are handbuilt in Austin Texas the owner and lead builder share many years of race and mechanical knowledge to provide a sound reason for the methods used in the wheel selection.

This wheelset has been on my bike 90% of the time since March. Training rides inside and outside has provided plenty of miles to get a feel for the performance.

The Aluminum rim provides a responsive braking surface with without providing any wheel chatter.
The hubs are what provide the value to the set. Built around T-11 White Industries the Titanium hubs keep the snappy rigid wheels turning consistently. Currently running 25mm tires the rim handles corners easily with solid contact patch to keep the rubber on the ground. I’ve found running slightly lower pressure provides a smoother more comfortable ride to accommodate the wheels stiffer structure.

Responsive to acceleration and light enough for long sustained climbs the rear hub has held up to training load without showing early signs of wear to the cassette body.

The construction allows you to throw down on efforts without worrying about the wheel breaking down over miles. I’ve packed these wheels in neutral support to make sure to back up my deep section wheels in the past couple races. Knowing that the hubs are the same no matter the wheel profile provide similar handling a responsiveness without completely changing the ride profile.

This is a great choice for a durable low maintenance wheelset. Riders should consider using the 23 ALU for training mileage and racing year round.

Wheel Specifications:

Depth/Width 28mm/23mm Aluminum Rim
Hub White Industries T11 Hubset
Free Hub 6/4 Titanium 10/11speed Compatible Freehub Body
Shimano/Campy Available
Spokes Silver Sapim CX-Ray Aero Spokes 20/24
Nipples Sapim 14mm Polyax Nipples
Manufactured Hand Built in Austin Texas, USA
Weight 1585 grams
MSRP $975