I may have bought a cannon for a knife fight. I was looking for a lightweight packable sleeping pad to keep in my car for the road trips I had in 2016. With nearly 30,000 miles this year, I was tired of sleeping in hotels so I decided to start camping during my sales trips.

Set to either camp in my hatchback or throw out the bivy I found the urge to get an incredibly packable pad for storage in my car with a minimal footprint. The Neo provided me with the durable solution. the nylon materials allow me to toss samples, boxes, and gear on top of if with no damage or puncture from the mishandling.

The smaller footprint of the feet allowed me to lay my seats down in my Mazda 3 with the hatch open for many nights of camping under the stars. Not ideal for sleeping on your side, the 2.5inch pad provided with just enough insulation from the ground. The pad provided a better feel when laying on front or backside. It would “taco” under the pressure from hips and shoulders when lying on my side.

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